Newsletter | April 3, 2024

04.03.24 -- See how Organ-Chips are Transforming Drug Development for Cancer, Toxicology, Cell & Gene Therapy, and More!

What Are Organ-Chips?

Learn what Organ-on-a-Chip technology is and why it’s setting the stage for the next generation of drug development and research. Organ-on-a-Chip technology is used by academia and the pharmaceutical industry across a wide variety of areas, including toxicology, immunology, gene therapy, and cancer research. 


The Path To Productivity: Tackling The Crisis In Drug Development Using Improved Preclinical Models

Approximately 90% of drugs entering clinical trials will fail, with roughly 30% of failures attributed to unforeseen toxicity. Such abundant failure indicates that animal models alone are insufficient decision-making tools. The cost of this failure plays a central role in perpetuating the current productivity crisis — but Organ-Chips could help solve this issue.


Predictive Validity: The Key To Improving The Drug Development Process

For centuries, the drug development industry has used preclinical models with insufficient predictive validity, meaning they inadequately predict how candidate drugs will affect humans. This is where Organ-on-a-Chip technology can make a big impact. Discover how Organ-Chips emulate human tissues and achieve better predictive validity.


Solid Tumors: The Next Frontier Of Cancer Immunotherapy

Having shown potential in treating blood cancers, CAR T-cell therapies are setting their sights on a more complex adversary: solid tumors. Learn what CAR T-cell therapy is, why solid tumors are such a challenging target, and how researchers can use advanced in vitro models to gain a more human-relevant understanding of CAR T efficacy.


Organ-Chips And Organoids: Better Together

Researchers can unlock the full potential of organoids by using them as a robust cell source for Organ-Chips, enabling the creation of more accurate human biological models. Explore how combining organoids and Organ-Chips improves the organoids’ cellular morphology and functionality, which opens the door for new experimental designs, and more.




The World Is Your Organ-Chip: Exploring The Depths Of Biological Possibilities With Organ-on-a-Chip Technology

Emulate Organ-Chip expert Ben Swenor explains the process of creating Organ-Chip models from scratch and customizing them for your research applications, including examples of breakthrough models and applications. Watch Now.