SecurityLink™ HPLC/UHPLC Fingertight Fittings

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The SecurityLINK fingertight fitting system simplifies your system and column connections and provides consistent performance with torque limiting technology that prevents column damaging overtightening.

SecurityLINK™ HPLC/UHPLC Fingertight Fittings

To ensure that any HPLC or UHPLC system provides high efficiency and good peak shape it is essential to minimize dead-volume within the system. A common contributor to additional dead-volume are fitting connections routinely made to the column inlet and outlet which can lead to lower than expected efficiency, peak tailing, or misshaped peaks. SecurityLINK™ HPLC/UHPLC Fingertight Fittings provide a convenient solution with its auto-adjusting frit accommodating the precise depth of virtually every manufacturer’s column inlet to ensure a zero dead-volume connection. Additionally, the integrated Torque Limiting Technology eliminates column over- and undertightening that typically would result in column damage and poor analytical results.

  • Better HPLC/UHPLC Results with Zero Dead-Volume Connections

  • Torque Limiting Technology Prevents Overtightening and Undertightening

  • Pressure Rated to 19,000 psi (1,310 bar)

Inside SecurityLINK™ Fingertight Connections

The SecurityLINK™ LC fingertight fitting system simplifies your system and column connections while providing consistent performance through Torque Limiting Technology that prevents column damaging overtightening.

Fingers Only Installation

Secure Connections in 2 Easy Steps

The Dead-Volume Difference

Poorly connected fittings are often the causes of carryover, band broadening, and peak tailing. SecurityLINK™ offers zero dead-volume connections every time.

Improved Column Performance

Increased Peak Efficiency and Reduction in Peak Asymmetry

PEEKsil™ tubing is manufactured with extremely high levels of precision in terms of ID and is also machine cut to provide connections with minimal dwell volume. As such it has become the tubing of choice where connections close to zero dwell volume are required. When moving from a conventional PEEKsil™ nut and ferrule fitting system to a SecurityLINK™ PEEKsil™ LC fingertight fitting system an increase in peak efficiency, and a reduction in peak asymmetry was demonstrated.

Superior Robustness and Reproducibility

SecurityLINK™ Lifetime

While typical fittings are not cross-column compatible and prone to cause column damage with overtightening, SecurityLINK™ safely and easily allows you to continuously attach and detach columns. To illustrate the high robustness and durability of the SecurityLINK™ LC Fitting System, the fitting was disconnected and reconnected 100 times to a highly sensitive sub-2 μm core-shell UHPLC column.

Compatibility with Column Vendors

Consistent Results with SecurityLINK

SecurityLINK™ LC Fittings were designed to be compatible with the majority of LC columns and systems that are available on the market. That gives you the ability to utilize this easy to use fitting on each system and with multiple columns. To prove this, the SecurityLINK™ was evaluated below for compatibility with different column vendors; Phenomenex, Waters®, and Agilent®.