Biotherapeutic Characterization Analyses With SCIEX X500B QTOF System

x500 QTOF system


Engineered for standard biotherapeutic characterization analyses, the X500B QTOF system is a true benchtop instrument, with streamlined processing to get to a consistent, accurate view of your biologic. It is optimized for intact mass analysis, subunit analysis as well as high-quality peptide mapping workflows.

Quadrupole time-of-flight for biologics Standardized biologics characterization workflows have never been easier

Built specifically for biologics characterization, the X500B QTOF system will help you boost your analytical capacity, simplify workflows and accelerate throughput in a matter of days. This high-resolution quadrupole time-of-flight (QTOF) system combines robust and reliable instrumentation with powerful and intuitive software to get you to characterization answers faster and easier, in a true benchtop platform. And with tools to enable a complete multiple attribute methodology (MAM) workflow, to allow you to define, track and quantify product quality attributes as well as specified contaminants, or find new unspecified impurities in a single software solution.

Key Features

  • Novel N-optic TOF design gives optimal mass accuracy and resolution, even for large biotherapeutics such as mAbs and antibody drug conjugates

  • Renowned Turbo V ion source provides efficient ion production while limiting contamination for maximized robustness and uptime

  • Purpose built for biologics characterization and engineered with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind to accelerate and streamline biotherapeutic analysis

  • Perform intact mass, subunit analysis, and peptide mapping characterization on this single, true benchtop system