Scale Your Vaccine With Path-To-PAD

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The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the urgent need for a quick, efficient, and scalable vaccine production process. Resilience's Vaccine Path-To-PAD (Process and Analytical Development) program provides a clear and easy path to maximize yields at the beginning of development, with deep expertise in vaccines, robust expression platforms, and high-quality Vero and Quail cell lines.

Whether for live virus, viral vector, or oncolytic virus, our team of process development experts conduct comparability studies to facilitate data-driven decisions on which scale-up platform to use for future manufacturing. By comparing your cell line productivity to Resilience's Vero and Quail cell line platforms, our technical team can help you maximize yields by selecting the right cell line expression platform.

The program also outlines the combination of cell line, bioreactor, and expansion method best fit for your project, maximizing yield from the beginning of development. We aim to expand and accelerate your vaccine yields while showing product comparability, providing a robust manufacturing scale-up strategy for a rapid path to manufacturing.

Resilience's Path-To-PAD program offers hands-on vaccine expertise to help expedite the development of a robust and scalable process. Our potency assay expertise addresses many historical drawbacks of cell-based assays, such as high variability, to help speed up sample processing time. With Resilience's program, you can scale your vaccine production with less sweat and maximize yields for the next life-threatening disease.