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Scalability Of Parallel E. coli Fermentations In Single-use Bioreactors

Source: Eppendorf, Inc
Scalability Of Parallel E coli Fermentations In BioBLU f Singleuse Bioreactors

By Claudia M. Huether-Franken, Christiane Schlottbom, Anne Niehus, and Sebastian Kleebank

Single-use bioreactor solutions have been successfully established in animal and human cell culture in the last years. Now this technology is going to make its way for microbial applications. In the following case study reproducible process control was achieved with single-use mini bioreactors and 1 L single-use vessels running in parallel. Fermentation of E. coli K12 led to highly reproduclible results thus proving the tested rigid wall single-use stirred-tank vessels to be an appropriate tool to accelerate microbial process development and shorten time-to-market in biopharmaceutical industry.