White Paper

Reinventing Drug Titration For IC50 Determinations

Source: Tecan

Tecan and HP have teamed up to reinvent the drug titration process for small molecules by providing a solution which eliminates the traditional serial dilution process, going from concept to experiment to results much faster and giving access to compound studies that were previously impractical. 

Developed by HP and distributed by Tecan, the HP D300 Digital Dispenser has been designed for drug titration studies of small molecules in DMSO. This compact benchtop instrument enables direct titration of 13 pl to 10 µl volumes with single use Dispenseheads, allowing dose-response curves to be created directly from stock compound solutions and completely eliminating the need for serial dilutions. 

Entering the picoliter world is a challenge in itself – due to the increasing surface-to-volume ratio and evaporation risks – but HP has led the world in the development of inkjet printing technology, reliably dispensing picoliter droplets around the world for over 20 years. This expertise has been applied to drug discovery, accurately dispensing thousands of droplets per second and bringing speed, reproducibility and standardization to the titration workflow.