Application Note

Push-Button Simplicity: Automatic Fermentation With Auto Culture

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

The Auto Culture modes, standard on the BioFlo 120 bioprocess control station, offer push-button automatic process control for some of the most common microbial (E. coli) and mammalian (Chinese Hamster Ovary, CHO) cultures. When activated, process control loop modes and setpoints are automatically turned on and populated with values recommended by our experienced applications development team. The Auto Culture modes allow users, who are less familiar with bioreactors and fermentors, to achieve quick and easy initial culture success while undergoing a minimal learning curve. All setpoints and modes of operation can be adjusted, optimized, and saved as user-defined recipes, which are collected into the Auto Culture library for future use. For this application note, an E. coli batch fermentation was conducted using an Auto Culture mode to demonstrate this novel feature of the BioFlo120 control station.