Purify Specialized mAbs With Praesto® 70 CH1

Purolite Praesto 70 CH1

High-capacity resin specifically designed to bind to the CH1 region on monoclonal antibodies for simple purification of bispecifics, fusion proteins and other next-generation therapeutics.

CH1 Affinity Resin

Recent years have seen the expansion of antibody variants used in the development of therapeutic treatments, including the use of bispecifics. However, traditional methods of purification have proven inefficient.

Part of the Purolite® Affinity Resin Toolbox

Purolite’s Praesto 70 CH1 is a 70μm (micron) agarose-based affinity resin designed to purify specialized mAbs such as bispecifics and recombinant antibody fragments, and can be used when Fc or light-chain binding is not viable.


  • Up to 2X capacity compared to established CH1 affinity resins
  • Highest clean-in-place (CIP) alkaline stability of any CH1 binding resin
  • Supports process efficiencies to reduce long-term cost of goods

The Purolite Difference

Developed in partnership with Repligen, an industry leader and partner in life sciences, Praesto 70 CH1 provides high capacity and alkaline stability.
Manufactured using Purolite’s patented Jetting technology, Praesto 70 CH1 offers uniform beads to ensure quality and performance.

Product Data

NaOH Stability

Relative binding capacity of Praesto 70 CH1 after 0.1 M NaOH exposure.

Praesto 70 CH1 offers improved caustic stability compared to established CH1 resins, allowing the adoption of standard 0.1M NaOH CIP protocols.

Dynamic Binding Capacity

Dynamic binding capacity (DBC) (mg/mL) of Praesto 70 CH1 at 10% breakthrough for 6-minute retention time.

Praesto 70 CH1 offers higher binding capacity than any established CH1 resin, delivering favorable process economics for bispecifics and fusion proteins.

Praesto® 70 CH1

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