PUREplatform™ PUREcoli™, A Pure Microbial Strain For Clean, Efficient Therapeutic Protein Production

E.coli bacteria growing in dish

PUREplatform offers a platform, a premium strain, and cutting-edge screening, which together yield optimal protein expression that is uniquely tailored to each project.

Pushing the Boundaries of E. Coli Expression within a New Standard of Premium Microbial Cell Line Development

  • Increased Efficiencies

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Engineered for Commercial Use

10+ Years of Therapeutic Protein Development Rolled Into One Platform

The KBI PUREplatform™ starts in cell line development (CLD) with a proprietary strain platform that includes unique substrains, designed specifically to quickly feed upstream process development and late-stage manufacturing with preestablished process elements.

A New Host Strain-Plasmid Combination, A New Core of CLD and Microbial Optimization
At KBI Biopharma, our PUREplatform™ is everything you need to make a protein. Containing plasmids, strains, media, and a fermentation process that all fit together into a service package, catered to your needs. This new core completes our microbial offering from premium cell line development through to late-stage and commercial manufacturing.

  • Features our PUREcoli™ cell line, our proprietary high-producing E. Coli cell line, expertly paired with PUREplasmids™ and PUREmedia™ available in 8, 48, and 96 screening packages

  • Leverages 10+ years of E. Coli-based optimization and upstream development

  • Designed for secreted proteins, including antibody fragments (FABs), inclusion bodies (IBs), and soluble intracellular molecules

  • Robust fermentation conditions that scale from high-throughput 1 mL microfermentations

  • Built for small- and large-scale cGMP manufacturing

  • Reduces cost of goods, improves efficiencies, and compresses development timelines

  • FDA/EMA Inspected Facilities

  • Well-versed in first-in-human (FIH) studies, late-stage manufacturing, and commercialization

Strain development was just the start of our mission. To support biopharmaceutical development and fermentation production, our platform targets product quality, safety, and titer across proteins and at scale.

PUREcoli™ PURE in. PURE out.

Learn more about how to jump-start your microbial program with PUREcoli™ to greatly reduce impurities and reach higher titers.