Process Development And Optimization Using ambr250™ For Mammalian And Microbial Processes

Source: TAP Biosystems Ltd.

Wednesday July 2nd 2014 at 9am and 4pm BST

The live event will detail how to use the ambr250 high-throughput, fully automated bioreactor system to speed up upstream fermentation and bioprocess development of protein-based therapeutics, vaccines and industrial enzymes.

Bioprocessing expert, Mwai Ngibuini, ambr250 Product Manager at TAP Biosystems, will present technical results from researchers using ambr250 to show how the system can be used at high-throughput to develop and optimise process pathways, to obtain results that are comparable at larger scales with both microbial fermentation and bioprocessing of mammalian cell lines.

During the 45 minute webinar, Ngibuini will outline the functional features of  ambr250  that allow the system to replicate the characteristics of benchtop and large scale fermentors and bioreactors at small volumes using multiple, single-use bioreactors (100-250 ml). He will then explain how the system can be used as a high-throughput strategy to perform full DoE runs and will present results, which compares the system’s performance to benchtop and pilot scale fermentors and bioreactors, thus validating the scalability of ambr250 for use in upstream process development.

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