Process Development

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In cell and gene therapies, the process is the product. We have deep expertise developing and scaling processes for cell therapies and viral vectors, including lentiviral vectors and AAV.

Redefining cell and gene therapies through cutting-edge process development.

Where the Process is the Product

Our expertise spans the full spectrum of solutions necessary for your cell and gene therapies. Our deep understanding of the product development needs and extensive technical expertise, combined with our toolbox of platform processes, cutting-edge bioprocessing instruments and high-throughput analytical methods, ensures scalable and robust processes are developed right from the start and allows seamless program transition from early-stage, clinical development through all the way to commercialization.

“We're trying to bring together functional areas that normally aren't under the same roof, which will allow us to accelerate therapeutic development, bring therapies to patients more quickly, more efficiently.”

Daniel Larson, VP Clinical Operations

Industry-Leading Expertise to Accelerate Development

We can partner with you to develop scalable and robust processes for cell therapy and viral vectors to support your clinal and commercial production needs, including adeno-associated viruses (AAV) and lentiviruses based on our proprietary LentiPeak™ lentiviral vector platform.

Optimization and Scale-up

“ElevateBio has world class departments at the BaseCamp location, but it's technical operations as well as process development.”

Jonathan Bairam, Associate Director, Cell Therapy Manufacturing

With a variety of cell therapy and viral vector manufacturing platform processes already established, our dedicated team can quickly develop and optimize your processes based on your desired product profile. Our toolbox of operation procedures offers flexibility across different cell types and products while enabling the customization your product requires.

The technical expertise and tools available at BaseCamp® ensure our processes are developed right from the start and appropriate for your clinical development needs, getting your product to patients faster.

Process Characterization

“ElevateBio is providing essentially end-to-end solutions for the development of cell therapies. By this I mean that ElevateBio can support external partners, as well as our internal programs, all the way from R&D activities to process development and manufacturing.”

Ana Chadbourne, Director, Cell Therapy Discovery

In continuous support of your product development lifecycle, our development teams offer process characterization services to gather well-understanding of the critical process performance parameters and define effective process control strategies to ensure successful process validation, product registration and commercial production.

With our extensive state-of-the-art in-house analytical methods, product quality attributes are closely monitored during process characterization studies, so we can achieve the right product profile in every step of the development process.

Partner with ElevateBio®

Wherever you are in your cell and gene therapy product lifecycle, we can strengthen and accelerate the development of your transformative therapies with our enabling technologies unmatched manufacturing capabilities.