Pharmaceutical Development

Source: Nanoform

Developing an optimized formulation tailored to your API nanoparticles is critical to unlocking their full potential.

Using our knowledge of nanomaterials science and specialized nanoformation expertise, Nanoform can help you to deliver a formulation that meets your needs. We can also provide you with in vivo data, leveraging our carefully designed formulation development selection process, specialized in vitro tools, and analytical equipment.

Dissolution and permeability performance of API X

We support all dosage form development and have relevant expertise in oral, inhaled, injectable, and ophthalmic formulations.

Develop your nanoparticle formulation with Nanoform to access:

  • Improved oral bioavailability and opportunity to reduce the dose
  • Simpler formulation with less need for complex excipients
  • In vivo efficacy
  • Tailored release profile including sustained release after parenteral or local administration
  • Potential new delivery routes
  • Side effect reduction
  • Expanded IP landscape for partners’ formulations

Learn more about how our formulation services can unlock your API particles’ full potential by getting in touch.