Optima™ XPN Ultracentrifuge With Multi-layered BioSafety* Features

beckman optima xpn

1,500 mL max rotor capacity 100,000 max RPM 802,400 x g

Security and tracking Remote monitoring and control eXPert simulation software.

The Optima™ XPN is the premier ultracentrifuge.

With networking capability and customizable security and tracking features to ensure chain of custody and compliance, the Optima XPN offers multi-layered BioSafety* features for a safe and productive work environment.

  • Equipped with the innovative eXpert simulation software

  • Available in 100k, 90k, and 80k RPM configurations

  • Compatible with extensive rotor and labware options

  • Backed by unparalleled service program options

Optima XPN™  Features

Optimize protocols before running

Quickly perform common calculations and conversions with proprietary software to optimize protocols, save time, and save samples.

Receive diagnostic alerts via email

Remote monitoring and control enables you to start, stop, and monitor from your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Track detail usage history

Security and tracking features manage your rotor life by serial number. Password protection and electronic signatures help you maintain chain of custody and compliance.

Enhanced Safety

  • Dynamic Rotor Inertia Check (DRIC)

  • Rotor overspeed disc

  • Real and simulated testing

  • BioSafe optional dual PALL® Pharmaceutical Grade Sterilizing Filters