News | May 19, 2023

Next-Generation EV Separation: Izon Science And Agarose Bead Technologies Collaborate To Enhance Clinical Applications For Extracellular Vesicles

A collaborative agreement between Izon Science and Agarose Bead Technologies (ABT) offers exceptional opportunities to develop solutions that aid in advancing EV research into clinical settings.

Recent studies have revealed that extracellular vesicles (EVs) play an important role in intercellular communication; however, their specific role(s) in immune response and cellular signaling still remain ill-defined. This has led to an explosion of interest in the EV field as researchers investigate how the biology, function, and diversity of EVs could play key roles in diagnostics and therapeutics.

One of the challenges facing researchers today is the ability to purify and to separate EVs at scale with high yields and high purity. Agarose Bead Technologies (ABT) and Izon Science are well-positioned to address this challenge and through their exclusive partnership aim to develop and provide unique solutions for nano-biological separation, most notably EVs. The rise in EV-based clinical trials and developments underscores the need for improved separation technologies that can enhance the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of isolation for liquid biopsies/diagnostics and therapeutics.

Izon is the global leader in EV separation, known for its qEV column range and the associated Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC), while ABT is a global manufacturer of high-quality standard and custom agarose resins used in the bioprocessing industry.

Through this collaboration, the two companies have developed customised resins that cater to the specific separation requirements of the EV field. The custom-made resins are to be exclusively packed within Izon's new Gen 2 qEV column portfolio, which provides in a better EV separation profile.

Synergistic collaboration combining expertise and capabilities
The focus of the strategic partnership between Izon and ABT is to develop targeted separation products for EVs for high-throughput diagnostics and commercial-scale therapeutic applications. It capitalises on ABT’s expertise in custom resin development and bio-process manufacturing capabilities and Izon’s extensive knowledge and experience as global leader in EV separation technologies.

Pilar Armisen, Technical Business Development Manager at ABT, emphasised: "Our partnership with Izon highlights the importance of leveraging strengths to achieve breakthrough results in clinical applications. Our ability to develop state-of-the-art custom resins has helped Izon create a differentiating product for optimal EV separation. We are excited about the potential for our partnership to drive impactful innovations that benefits patients.”.

This is further supported by Hans van der Voorn, CEO and co-founder of Izon, noting the strong foundation and significance of the partnership: “Our search for global partners who can collaborate with us to create customized EV separation solutions led us to ABT. They have been and will be a key collaborator going forward, and we have joined forces to develop new products and services. With our partnership, we can effectively tackle the challenge of EV isolation in the field, freeing up researchers to focus on refining the development of biomarkers and therapeutics for clinical use”.

Source: Agarose Bead Technologies