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Modern Manufacturing: The Investment in Digitization Costs Less Than Falling Behind


Manufacturers can no longer afford to needlessly handicap themselves by continuing to rely on outdated systems and processes to manage quality and key production operations. Digitization is setting companies apart in a rapidly moving market. To capitalize on the opportunities of modern manufacturing solutions and realise their full potential, manufacturers must achieve a new level of agility by adopting digital solutions today – it’s the only way to remain competitive in today’s market.

In most companies, quality functions and responsibilities are delegated to plant managers and quality engineers using antiquated technology like legacy, paper-based systems. The C-Suite needs to fully understand the financial impact and revenue savings that a fully digital, seamlessly connected quality and production environment can offer a company. Embed quality in the production process to reduce waste and errors, eliminate production floor delays, and help ensure product gets to market faster. All of these benefits bring effective improvements that have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Manufacturers that want to remain competitive, and therefore relevant, must digitize in order to keep step with a more sophisticated and evolving factory landscape. Manufacturers are prioritizing digitization to gain the advantages of Industry 4.0, which provides adopters with an interconnected, digital approach to smart manufacturing that is revolutionizing the factory floor. A modern manufacturing solution lowers the costs of poor quality and tightens up production processes to for faster-to-market results.

In this paper we explore how a manufacturing solution that electronically produces and manages production records, integrates with an enterprise quality management system (EQMS), and is readily accessible by line supervisors and plant managers could fundamentally change the way manufacturers do business.

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