Mobius® Essential Assemblies

Mobius® Feature

Mobius® Essential Assemblies are standard, ready-to-ship, simple bioprocess bag and tubing assemblies for your liquid processing applications.

Besides the benefits of greater flexibility, speed, and reduction of contamination risk that single-use solutions offer, Mobius® Essential assemblies are standard, off-the-shelf products that eliminate design and manufacturing lead time. Mobius® Essential bag assemblies come in both 2D bags (1 L - 50 L), and 3D bags (100 L – 200 L) and are made of PureFlex™ Film providing you with a straight path for scale up to our Mobius® MyWay assemblies. Mobius® Essential tubing assemblies include 3 standard designs and can be easily integrated into your single-use processes. They are also supported by our Emprove® program with comprehensive quality and regulatory information.