Article | September 2, 2019

Mitigating Risks Associated With Cell Culture Media Preparation And Handling

Source: MilliporeSigma

By Barbara Martinez, Global Senior Product Manager, Custom Cell Culture Media; Paula Phenix, Global Product Manager, Single-Use Mixers; Sara Bell, Senior Marketing Manager, Integrated Systems; MilliporeSigma

Mitigating Risks

The preparation of media for use in biopharmaceutical processes can be complex and may carry risks that must be identified, assessed and mitigated to assure consistency of performance and minimize likelihood of contamination. There are risks throughout the media preparation life cycle, which can be associated with raw material sourcing, preparation, filtration, transfer, storage, and point of use. Without the proper risk mitigation, problems can arise which may ultimately compromise product quality, shutdown production or potentially impact patient safety.

This whitepaper describes considerations for selecting a vendor to support your media preparation workflow, and will discuss approaches to minimize variability and de-risk steps, including:

  • Sourcing raw materials
  • Preparation and mixing
  • Filtration
  • Storage and transfer