Brochure | February 25, 2021

Milliflex Oasis® system - A Complete Solution For Bioburden And Pharmaceutical Water Testing

In 1984, Merck pioneered the touch-free membrane transfer to culture media, and with this next generation system, they have added over 96 new features to increase result reliability and traceability, while streamlining the bioburden testing workflow to improve lab productivity.

The new Milliflex Oasis® system offers an all-in-one filtration solution with sterilized, ready-to-use filtration units and pharmacopeia-compliant media for unmatched comfort and peace of mind for water and bioburden testing. The system is accompanied by an extensive service offering, from method development, training and validation services to maintenance.

Milliflex Oasis® pump: The Milliflex Oasis® pump consists of a controlled vacuum source and filtration support. The sys­tem is design for biosafety cabinets/laminar flow hoods, with its small footprint, low weight and easy to decontaminate surfaces. This uniquely designed pump reduces the risk of cross-con­tamination and false results. Both ergonomics and scalability generate high throughput. No autoclave is required for hardware decontami­nation, only monthly sanitization, to dramati­cally reduce the workload in the lab.

Milliflex Oasis® funnels: The Milliflex Oasis® funnel streamlines your workflow with standardized handling steps and reduced filtration time thanks to a new drainage design. The Milliflex Protact® feature protects your samples from secondary contamination and makes the membrane-to-agar contact optimal to ensure the most reliable results. The sealed membrane ensures easy read-out. Each filtration unit is 100% integrity tested to increase reliabil­ity, with our effortless new touch-free membrane transfer.

Milliflex Oasis® agar plates: The unique plate color coding offers the con­trol of critical handling steps all along the workflow. The Milliflex Rack & Stack® feature also includes a locked lid for safe transporta­tion and incubation. Together, these innova­tions help to reduce the risk of false results.

Download the interactive brochure to learn more about the system

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