Brochure | April 15, 2019

MaxiCaps® MR Brochure

Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech
Maxicaps brochure

Single-use filter capsules have been systematically replacing stainless steel housings and filter cartridges as a highly economical and risk-adverse choice for the biopharmaceutical industry. From capsules to complex custom assemblies, implementation of single-use filter systems reduces the time it takes for equipment setup and virtually eliminates the need for cleaning.

MaxiCaps® MR is a fully contained single-use assembly with up to 27 m2 filtration area, designed for large scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications. The compact and ready-to-use MaxiCaps® MR comes pre-sterilized and pre-assembled with 90 % less tubing and connectors compared to standard multi-capsule assemblies. MaxiCaps® MR is the only logical choice for the lowest total cost of ownership in large-scale single-use processes.