Article | January 19, 2018

Making Next Generation Manufacturing Work In Bioprocessing

Source: MilliporeSigma

By Herb Lutz, Global Principal Consultant, Manufacturing Sciences & Technology, MilliporeSigma.

Feature Making Next Generation Manufacturing Work In Bioprocessing

Next generation manufacturing covers a collection of technologies aimed at improving productivity, i.e., getting higher throughput and/or better quality out of a process. Single-pass tangential flow filtration is widely used in other industries but has only recently been considered for bioprocessing. By inserting an in-line tangential flow filter before a given bioprocess step, we can significantly concentrate the input for that step and, in many cases, also improve its productivity. We routinely see concentrations increased by factors of two to three-fold using this method. In fact, I have achieved 30-fold concentration factors like this, but admittedly it’s not easy.