Newsletter | June 13, 2024

06.13.24 -- Leveraging Immunogenicity Assays To De-Risk & Improve Biologic Development

Improving Drug Developability With Immunogenicity Testing: The De-Risker

Developability bridges the gap between the ideal and the real by focusing on two fundamental factors: manufacturability and functionality. By prioritizing developability early in development, researchers can proactively identify and manage potential roadblocks. Review the developability steps to success and explore how both pre-defined and tailored work packages can best fit your project needs.


Evolution Of Immunogenicity Assessments: Data That Strengthens IND Applications

Integrating immunogenicity risk assessment into lead candidate selection prior to clinical trials minimizes development risks and strengthens IND applications. Review the performance of a novel flow cytometry-based assay that can enable a more comprehensive understanding of immunogenicity risk and learn how immunogenicity testing can help to de-risk drug development.


Immunogenicity Assessments – Frequently Asked Questions

Immunogenicity is a critical factor in the development of therapeutic proteins, as it can impact both their effectiveness and safety. Through a deeper understanding of immunogenicity, researchers can harness the full potential of advanced therapies, paving the way for a future of safer and more effective treatments for diseases.


Next-Generation EpiScreen® 2.0 Immunogenicity Assay

The promise of protein therapeutics is often hampered by unforeseen immune reactions. Assessing a drug's immunogenic potential early in development is critical for success. Review a platform that leverages a data-rich approach to provide a deeper understanding of immunogenicity risk, ultimately leading to safer and more effective treatments for patients.


The MAPPs Assay: A Tool For Developing Safer & More Effective Biologics

Therapeutic protein immunogenicity poses a significant challenge in development and patient safety. Assessing this risk early is crucial. While more complex and resource-intensive, explore how MAPPS demonstrates promise as a valuable tool for comprehensive immunogenicity assessment in therapeutic protein development, contributing to safer and more effective biologics.



Immunogenicity Testing Evolved

The success of protein-based drugs hinges on identifying potential immune system reactions early in development. Learn about an immunogenicity testing platform that offers unparalleled sensitivity.

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