Integritest® 5: Integrity Assurance With Ease And Confidence

IntegritesT 5

Accurately and reliably verify the integrity of your filters and processing equipment with the portable, easy to implement, and automated Integritest® 5. The Integritest® 5 delivers a simple and intuitive user experience, while providing optional depth of flexibility to fit your process.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive software for easy set up and management of users, tests and data; tests can be assigned to specific users reducing the risk of human error
  • The IT5's automation features allow for real-time communication and control of the instrument through secure OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) communication, ensuring reliability and security for filter integrity testing
  • Networking functions include automatic backups, multi-unit management and synchronization
  • Robust design protects against water and dust entry and an automatic self-check protects against calibration issues
  • Flexible displays, run information, and test collections are customizable to fit user’s process

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