White Paper

In-House Versus Outsource: A Decision-Making Guide

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

By B. Rosenblatt, Ph.D., SME Biotech Consulting and D. Kenyon, Ph.D., Thermo Fisher Scientific

In-House Versus Outsource: A Decision-Making Guide

The biologics market is quickly evolving from a focus on developing blockbuster drugs to exploring niche markets with unmet needs. While the changes are exciting, they pose several risks to a molecule’s success as competition intensifies, timelines shorten and capacity challenges emerge. Yesterday’s solutions may not be a perfect fit for today’s molecules.

Given this backdrop, biopharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking  for new strategies to bring biologics to market quickly and cost effectively. Companies must carefully assess whether their in-house teams can truly deliver everything a project needs to be successful-from accurate supply forecasting  to successful IND submission to meeting aggressive timelines. In doing so, biopharmaceutical executives must consider how outsourcing fits into their development and production strategy, as well as how to select the best  CDMO partner for their business.