Improving Manufacturing Costs And Patient Safety While Reducing Regulatory Concerns

Source: Aldevron

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Nanoplasmid’s small backbone (<500bp) and antibiotic-free selection system is designed for cell and gene therapy applications. Its manufacturing benefits include improved plasmid yields as compared to conventional plasmids (Figure 1) and ITR stabilization from the proprietary host strain used to manufacture Nanoplasmid (Figure 2).

Figure 1: Nanoplasmid significantly improves plasmid production of AAV2 ITR vector 1 as compared to pUC-AmpR plasmids with or without RNA-OUT (Nanoplasmid's antibiotic-free selection system).

Nanoplasmid Host ITR Stabilization

Manufacturing Benefits
Using Nanoplasmid for AAV production can improve plasmid yields with greater ITR stability during manufacturing via the proprietary host strain.

Nanoplasmid’s RNA-OUT antibiotic-free selection system will eliminate potential marker transfer into patients, reducing the risk of horizontal gene transfer because of its R6K dependent strain propagation.

Figure 2: Nanoplasmid's propriety host strain significantly improves the integrity of structural DNA like internal tandem repeats (ITRs) found in AAV constructs.