Newsletter | June 17, 2024

06.17.24 -- Improving Biologics Analytical Speed, Sensitivity, And Robustness

Leveraging Novel Analytical Approaches For Advanced Therapies

The characterization and analysis of advanced therapies can be difficult, as these products are designed to function using complex mechanisms of action (MOA)s. Review the advantages and limitations of transcriptional assays versus reporter gene assays and how the transcriptional assay compares to ddPCR and flow cytometry for analysis of CGTs.  See the white paper for details.


Improving Safety And Efficacy With Charged Variant Characterization

Strategic collaboration with a CQA monitoring expert can facilitate protein variant characterization and quantification of safety and efficacy. Discover how a CDMO with extensive experience in protein variant characterization, CQA analytics, and patient-centric product development can ensure the safety and efficacy of your biotherapeutic.  Read the white paper now.


Automating Cell Based Assays, Reducing Variability And Time To Results

Cell-based assays present a unique challenge due to inherent biological variation in the starting materials. Automation offers a potential solution by minimizing variability, thereby enhancing assay robustness, ruggedness, and efficiency. Explore the development of a cell-based potency assay implemented on an automated platform. Watch the on-demand webinar.



Biologics Analytical Services

With extensive experience and comprehensive capabilities, we foster a collaborative environment, developing and implementing innovative analytical methods to efficiently and reliably address the testing needs of our partners, irrespective of the development phase or scale of the project. Learn More.