Newsletter | December 7, 2023

12.07.23 -- Improving Aseptic Filling Efficiency To Accelerate Timelines

Formulation Development For Injectables

Poor solubility is a major challenge for drug sponsors as the development process is often stalled due to a candidate's low aqueous solubility. A uniquely modified cyclodextrin is emerging as a versatile tool in the formulation process as it significantly improves solubility, stability, bioavailability, and dosing of APIs.


Advancing Aseptic Filling: Evaluating The Revolutionary SA25 Workcell

Circumventing human intervention in fill line technology can reduce or eliminate sterility failures and increase efficiency with material handling. Examine how leveraging a fully robotic aseptic filling system enables versatility, high yields, and low losses, as well as precise and repeatable fill parameters batch to batch.


A Technical Package That Serves On-Time Injectable Project Completion

The accuracy, robustness, and completeness of the technical package an organization submits to its development and/or manufacturing partner is critical to meeting fill project timelines. A detailed conversation at project outset between the scientists and the CDMO avoids many such issues, or at least prepares both parties for potential problems.



Faster From Formulation To Fill/Finish

Securing a development and aseptic fill/finish partner to support clinical applications can feel like a gamble. A partner with the right manufacturing equipment, communications, and SOPs — as well as flexibility in both internal operations and its client relationships — can optimize your speed to clinic.

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