News | January 19, 2023

ILC Dover Secures North Carolina Facility To Expand Dry Repack Capabilities And Build Out cGMP Raw Materials Portfolio

Source: ILC Dover
ILC Dover

NEWARK, Del., Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ILC Dover LP ("ILC Dover" or the "Company"), specializing in innovative single-use solutions for biotherapeutics and pharmaceutical processing, has opened a new facility in Lillington, North Carolina to offer pre-filled trusted-weight cGMP raw materials for the growing biomanufacturing market. As a solutions provider for the expanding life sciences industry, ILC Dover continues to meet market demands by developing comprehensive solutions customized to customers' unique needs and end applications.

Adjacent to KSE Scientific's headquarters in Durham, NC, the Company's most recent acquisition, the new 48,000 sq ft Lillington site will offer a portfolio of cGMP raw materials and dry repack capabilities across three ISO 7 cleanroom suites. This new capability follows a recent expansion project within the Durham production facility which now offers Water For Injection (WFI) produced by distillation, a key raw material for the biopharmaceutical and cell & gene therapy markets.

"As our customers focus on developing life-saving drugs and therapies, our teams are working to protect and streamline steps within these critical workflows," said Corey Walker, CEO of ILC Dover. "Now, ILC Dover will strengthen its position as a solutions provider by offering customers the most efficient, safest, and economical solution to integrate powder weighing, filling, and dispensing into workflows."

Used primarily for buffer and cell culture media preparations in biopharmaceutical processing, ILC Dover's cGMP raw materials with versatile packaging solutions eliminate risk and contamination to a customer's workflow and reduce costs. The Company has started to fill and repack dry chemicals in Lillington with additional capabilities coming in early 2023.

About ILC Dover

ILC Dover is a world-leader in the innovative design and production of solutions for biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, medical device markets as well as a leading supplier for the (aero)space industries. Our customers will attest to our relentless dedication to high value products, advanced technology, and responsive service, as our visionary solutions have improved efficiency while safeguarding people, product, and infrastructure in hazardous conditions through flexible protective solutions since 1947.

Source: ILC Dover