Company Profile | November 27, 2000

I C N Biomedicals, Inc.

I C N Biomedicals, Inc.
ICN Biomedicals, Inc., manufactures and supplies over 50,000 products for research and development in the Life Sciences and Biotechnology markets. Founded in 1960, ICN Biomedicals was one of the first companies to manufacture 32P nucleotides and other radiolabeled reagents for research.

Today, ICN's product lines include:

  • Biochemicals
  • Radiochemicals
  • Immunobiologicals
  • Cell Biology Reagents
  • Molecular Biology Reagents
  • Neuroscience/Signal Transduction products
  • All of ICN's products are listed in a general catalog, which is available in both a print version and on CD-ROM. Additionally, ICN publishes a series of individual specialty catalogs covering the disciplines of Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Electrophoresis, Peptide Chemistry, and Neuroscience. In addition to this complete showcase of research chemicals and reagents, ICN is able to provide many of these same items in bulk quantities for use as manufacturing intermediates.

    At ICN Biomedicals, you can get it all with just one call.