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How To Solve Printed Packaging Workflow Issues Without Changing Your Whole Process

Source: GlobalVision
Global Vision Automated Proofreading Solutions

Keeping track of the accuracy of packaging components in the pharmaceutical industry can be very challenging. With so many people and departments involved it can be very difficult to ensure complete content integrity. It is extremely important that every company be completely confident that their printed packaging workflow is functioning as eficiently and effectively as possible.

Automated proofreading is proven to be an integral part of solidifying content integrity within a complex packaging workflow pocess. However, there is the perception that it is difficult to adapt current practices in order to better manage and secure all artwork and dcuments.

It is a challenging task to step back and examine an old process. Every task in a process can be so deeply engrained that it becomes difficult to justify changing it. It is important to realize that the implementation of small adjustments can have cumulative benefits on the entire process.