News | September 23, 2008

GE Healthcare Launches ReadyMate™ Genderless Disposable Aseptic Connector For Biopharmaceutical Production

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has introduced ReadyMate™ genderless disposable aseptic connectors (DAC) for biopharmaceutical production. The ReadyMate DAC offers a safer, more economic and simpler connection to assembly components, such as media bags and tubing for upstream and downstream applications.

ReadyMate reduces the complexity of biopharmaceutical production by decreasing parts inventories and eliminating requirement for unique operator skills, specialized equipment, calibration, or servicing. The patented disposable aseptic connector (DAC) has a validated closure mechanism, is simple to use and provides users with the flexibility to quickly establish aseptic connections in non-controlled environment.

ReadyMate connectors are available in the industry's widest range of different tube sizes, from 1/4" to 3/4" (6.4 to 19.1 mm), to optimize the fluid flow path. Their unique design enables the reduction or increase of the flow path size using a single connection. The single-use connectors are designed to work under high flow pressures with a ReadyClamp or standard TC clamp and are manufactured in compliance with current FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO9000-2000. ReadyMate DAC can be gamma sterilized or autoclaved.

GE Healthcare acquired the exclusive manufacturing rights for ReadyMate DAC from BioQuate Inc. to extend the Company's portfolio of ready-to-use solutions, known as ReadyToProcess™. These products are designed to meet the biopharmaceutical industry's need for increased speed, simplicity and safety for all areas of bioprocessing, from cell culture and fermentation to final purification. The ReadyToProcess range includes products such as the single-use WAVE Bioreactor™, culture chambers and mixers, as well as ready-to-use filtration and chromatography tools. These technologies provide considerable advantages over conventional biomanufacturing apparatus, eliminating the need for cleaning and validation steps and cross-contamination problems, and reduced training time for employees.

"The ReadyMate line builds on our acquisition of WAVE Biotech and complements the ReadyToProcess portfolio. With our ready-to-use offering, we're committing to saving customers' time, operating expenses and increasing speed, flexibility and capacity of production," said Nigel Darby, Chief Technology Officer, Life Sciences, GE Healthcare.

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