Digital Transmitted Light Microscope Mateo TL

Leica Mateo TL

Routine cell culture? Check!

For researchers who need consistent experimental outcomes, Mateo TL enables all lab members to check and document cell growth status conveniently and comfortably.

Measure confluency consistently, thereby increasing the confidence in the success of their downstream experiments.


Mateo TL makes the process of cell culture checks effortless for every team member, with intuitive setup and use. It improves reproducibility for your experiments through objective confluency evaluation across individuals or experiments.

  • Simple to use, also for non-experts

  • Go from setup to first image in under 1 minute

  • One common criterion for consistent confluency measurements

  • Enhance your team's comfort

Simple to use, also for non-experts

Empower your entire team to observe and take images of samples easily and intuitively.

  • All lab members, regardless of expertise, can set up contrasting methods correctly using the interactive assisted contrast setup feature

  • Observe and take images of samples easily with the intuitive and user-friendly software interface

  • Mateo TL eases the training burden on technicians, supervisors, and senior researchers

Go from setup to first image in under 1 minute

Benefit from a ready-to-use system which you can start working on right away.

In addition, for cell culture work in regulated environments, once installed and qualified by our service team, you can start using Mateo TL immediately with consistent and reliable results from the start.

You can add Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) to the service plan, which helps to document and verify that Mateo TL is installed and operating according to Leica’s specifications.

One common criterion for consistent confluency measurements

Mateo TL offers one common criterion for measuring confluency across the entire lab. The confluency algorithm measures the percentage of area covered by cells in the image.

Mateo TL confluency module enables you to:

  • Eliminate subjective estimations

  • Achieve consistency in your confluency measurements between different users and experiments

  • Take the guesswork out of confluency evaluation

  • Use a common tool across lab experiments to consistently carry out confluency measurements and reduce variations

  • Improves experiment reproducibility

  • Minimizes human bias by using the confluency module at the point of decision

Smart functionalities

Observe, take images of samples and export images quickly and conveniently using enhanced smart functionalities

  • Wirelessly transfer images directly to your smartphone or tablet with the quick share feature

  • Easily reproduce the imaging conditions of a previous reference image in the gallery using the repeat function

  • Free up more time from sample observation by eliminating the need to make frequent adjustments to the light and camera settings for each magnification with Mateo TL's built-in light memory function

Enhance your team's comfort

  • Minimize fatigue by eliminating the need to use oculars

  • Mateo TL can be placed inside a laminar flow hood of compatible dimension for convenient cell culture work inside the hood, which also helps to minimize cell contamination