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04.19.24 -- Developing & Implementing A Continuous Bioprocess Control Strategy


Developing & Implementing A Continuous Bioprocess Control Strategy

Linking unit operations remains a barrier to continuous processes uptake in biologics manufacturing. Here, BioPhorum defines a standard template approach.

The Power Couple: CRISPR And Oligonucelotides

Drug design using CRISPR depends on long guide RNA (gRNA) sequences. Find out how this love match between long oligos and CRISPR works.

Recombinant Proteins: Understand 5 Key Process Development Challenges

Once a company has demonstrated proof of concept, it is critical to consider process elements like scalability, sourcing raw materials, and GMP adherence.

What Is The FusionOptics Technology?

Learn about stereo microscopes that combine high resolution and depth of field to provide a superior 3D perception of samples.

mRNA/saRNA Manufacturing RNA Production And Manufacturing

Explore key considerations for the production of RNA and strategies for successful scaling for commercial manufacture. Learn more about messenger RNA and self-amplifying RNA manufacturing processes.

De-Risk And Streamline Your Drug Substance And Drug Product Testing

The key to navigating the biologic development journey lies in CMC. By analyzing and characterizing the drug's properties, CMC teams ensure a smooth path from bench to patient care.

Bacteria Media Optimization Using In Silico Strategies

Determining ideal media composition for a bacteria is critical because it fosters a satisfactory grow rate, allowing the bacteria to reach the required growth yield.

Engaging Early In Process Development To Bring mRNA Sequences To Life

Examine why template sequence characteristics are relevant for cGMP manufacturing of high-quality mRNA and consider insights on how to develop a scalable, robust, and economically viable process.

How Can DOE Help Optimize Your Purification Workflow?

Improve your downstream purification process and utilize design of experiments (DOE) to help in selecting appropriate chromatographic techniques and account for variation among mAbs.

A Robust, Scalable Platform Process For AAV6 Production And Purification

Explore a description of research grade and process development productions of rAAV6, both based on transient transfection of serum-free cells grown in suspension.

Apply Quality By Design Principles To Cell And Gene Therapy Release Testing

Develop and use QC assays that facilitate both product and process understanding and control.


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Who The Heck Designed This Biopharm Plant?

The Bozenhardts have seen some absurd, expensive facility design errors in their work. They talk about some of the worst ones here so you can avoid the same mistakes.

Your Capital Equipment Project Is Cancelled - Now What?

Late-stage clinical trial failures usually result in exposure with regard to capital equipment purchased to manufacture that product at a commercial scale. But what to do with this brand new, surplus equipment?

Designing Agile Manufacturing With An Integrated Drug Product Ecosystem

Companies aiming to accelerate biomanufacturing operations and use resources efficiently need access to technologies that can safely and efficiently complete their workflow from idea to injection.

Advanced Therapy Manufacturers' Checklist For Cleanroom Project Success

Current advances in cell, gene, and tissue therapies require a rethinking of how — and where — cleanroom manufacturing facilities could be built, enabling more options for sponsor process control.

The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

This handbook is intended to assist laboratory and manufacturing plant scientists and engineers in accurately selecting and maximizing the performance of aqueous cleaners and systems.

The Insource Vs. Outsource Dilemma

Prior to making critical capacity decisions, a small biotech company completed an economic evaluation of manufacturing options to ensure it was selecting the best strategy for its manufacturing.


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