CYLINDRAFlow: An All-In-One Manifold For Biopharmeceutical Fluid Tranfer

Simplify assembly and operation in your pharmaceutical and single-use biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications with CYLINDRAFlow, the first multiport manifold on the market. The grooved inner collar surface of the CYLINDRAFlow clamp prevents the CYLINDRAFlow manifold from slipping or turning, and the textured swing handle provides a secure grip — allowing operators to use the CYLINDRAFlow manifold with one hand. The large flow selector firmly turns and locks in place with a clearly marked arrow assuring you that the flow path is set up correctly.

Additional Features Include:

  • Can accommodate up to 5 fluid lines
  • Flow restricted to one port at a time
  • No pressure drop as fluid moves around and through the ports
  • Intuitive push-to-turn flow selector
  • Easier to use and fewer leak points than stopcock and Y connector manifolds
  • Leak tested for use in low pressure applications less than 15 psi
  • Materials meet USP Class VI & ISO 10993 criteria
  • Gamma radiation stable
  • Can be daisy chained for additional ports
  • Arrows to provide a clear indication of how to turn the flow selector and which port is in use
  • Etched data code for easy access to product resources and material information


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