News | November 15, 2023

CPC Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of AseptiQuik® G Connectors

Source: CPC
AseptiQuik G
AseptiQuik G has been providing quick and easy sterile connections for more than a decade.

New products added to biopharma’s market-leading line

Single-use technologies (SUT) have radically changed biopharmaceutical operations. Sterile single-use connectors are key to enabling this shift. CPC, the leader in the design and manufacture of single-use connection technologies for life sciences markets, introduced its genderless single-use AseptiQuik® G Connectors 10 years ago and continues to expand its aseptic connector portfolio.

“The AseptiQuik G line was rapidly and widely adopted because it facilitates quick and easy sterile connections that enhance process flexibility while minimizing contamination risks,” said John Boehm, CPC’s vice president of biopharma. Boehm was at the helm of CPC’s biopharma organization at the time of the launch in 2013 and still leads the business today.

“We wanted to reduce connection and system complexity,” said Boehm. “AseptiQuik G connectors were a game-changer and they continue to support our customers’ development of new therapies.” The genderless design simplifies single-use system implementation, modular closed-system integration, and inventory management.

“AseptiQuik G connectors are the industry standard, and they’re still going strong. They’ve inspired the creation of the many new platforms we’ve added over the last decade,” Boehm noted.

Today CPC makes the industry’s largest and smallest aseptic connectors, with a full range of options in between. The AseptiQuik® W Series offers a 1-1/2-inch flow path, easily transferring hundreds of liters per minute, significantly reducing fluid transfer times across bioprocesses. On the other end of the continuum are the ultra-compact 1/8-inch MicroCNX® Series connectors, which are the only alternative to tube welding for creating closed sterile connections at small volumes.

The company recently introduced its AseptiQuik®  L Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) line. PPSU is a highly robust sterile connection material that withstands harsh bioprocessing chemicals used in downstream processes including chromatography and column storage, filtration, and purification. The AseptiQuik G and AseptiQuik L Sanitary products also have been optimized with a new one-piece injection-molded design, replacing a two-piece welded construction.

“Biopharma, cell therapy and gene therapy companies rely on CPC to meet their rapidly evolving needs,” said Boehm. “The AseptiQuik line represents not only our legacy but our future. It’s gratifying to know that we’ve made a significant contribution to biopharma and will continue to do so.”

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Source: CPC