Compact, Automated Cell Dispenser For Fast, Easy And Gentle Single-Cell Isolation


DispenCell Single-Cell Dispenser

A simple single-cell dispenser for proof of monoclonality

The DispenCell™ Single-Cell Dispenser is an automated laboratory instrument designed for fast, easy and gentle single-cell isolation. DispenCell integrates seamlessly into your laboratory workflow, with a plug-and-play approach.

Flexible and effortless, DispenCell operates equally under sterile conditions in a culture hood, or on a simple benchtop.

  • Immediate and traceable proof of clonality

    DispenSoft, the single-cell analysis software included with DispenCell, provides immediate and traceable proof of clonality. The instrument is fitted with a sensing tip that detects the passage of cells, allowing users to check for proof of clonality immediately after the cells are dispensed. All dispensing data is automatically stored, allowing for easy generation of a clonality report.

  • As gentle as manual pipetting

    DispenCell has unique technology which allows for extremely gentle handling of the cell sample. Cells are exposed to no more pressure than with manual pipetting (less than 0.1 psi). This allows the instrument to preserve cell viability and outgrowth while simultaneously increasing cell deposition efficiency.

  • Compact

    The small footprint of the DispenCell allows it to fit perfectly into any laboratory setting: under a hood to work under sterile conditions, on a bench top for routine seeding, or in a pre-existing automated workflow.


  • Proof of clonality

    A single-cell analysis software tool provides a traceable proof of clonality report instantly.

  • Contamination-free

    A patented disposable tip ensures clean isolation of single cells and no cross contamination. Certified free from animal products and cytotoxic material.

  • High cloning efficiency

    Unique design ensures gentle dispensing for better viability and cloning efficiency.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to set up, and intuitive with a simple interface. No cleaning or calibration required.