Presentation | May 16, 2013

Chromatography Resin Sampling


Resin Sampler Pack
Perfecting purification can require more than one choice of support. Bio-Rad offers its most popular resin in a convenient sampler pack. Resin included in the sampler pack are:

  • Macro-Prep High Q, DEAE, High S, and CM, 25 ml each
  • CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite Types I and II, 10 g each
  • UNOsphere Q and S, 25 ml each
  • Macro-Prep methyl HIC and t-butyl HIC, 25 ml each

Bio-Scale Mini Cartridges - Prepacked Chromatography Columns
Bio-Scale Mini cartridges have a patent-pending doublewall cartridge design that provides extra durability and allows easy, reliable runs at pressures up to 45 psi with the aqueous buffers most commonly used for protein separation. The cartridges are prepacked with Bio-Rad's chromatography resin for ion exchange, affinity, and size exclusion. The cartridges come in 1 and 5 ml formats that can be used for method scouting or simple purifications. Larger 10 and 50 ml desalting cartridges are also available. Bio-Scale Mini cartridges are convenient, disposable, and ready to use.