Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Centri-Sep, biotechnology, molecular separations, Panagel, electrophoresis, neuroscience

Source: Princeton Separations, Inc.
Centri-Sep, biotechnology, molecular separations, Panagel, electrophoresis, neuroscience

Focusing on life science and research

Princeton Separations, Inc. (PSI) is a privately-owned, manufacturing-based biotechnology company specializing in products for molecular biology laboratories. PSI products include: CENTRI·SEP™ spin columns, used in DNA sequencing; CENTRI·SPIN™ columns, used in the purification of a variety of biomolecules (DNA, proteins and carbohydrates); and PSICLONE DNA purification kits and products for high throughput sequencing.

PSI is a registered manufacturer with the FDA and DEA. It maintains GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production in a growing facility in Freehold, New Jersey, where it performs sterile manufacturing for pharmaceutical/diagnostic companies.

Princeton Separations, Inc. (PSI) was formed in 1984 to provide high-quality products for the biotechnology market. PSI developed the CENTRI·SEP spin column in 1985. CENTRI·SEP now plays an important role in DNA sequencing. With the advent of automated DNA sequencing, it was determined the CENTRI·SEP spin columns provide the most efficient and consistent purification of dye-teminator sequencing reactions. This led to the incorporation of CENTRI·SEP into the written dye-teminator application protocols of Applied Biosystems, Inc. (now Perkin-Elmer/Applied Biosystems Division). It also enhanced PSI's reputation as a manufacturer of consistent, reliable products.

New Products
The success of the CENTRI·SEP product line stimulated the development of additional products, such as CENTRI·SPIN columns, which were introduced into the biotech market in January 1996. These versatile spin columns, which offer a variety of exclusion limits, can be used to purify molecular biology reactions ranging from primer desalting to random primer labeling to PCR* purification.
PSICLONE DNA purification kits were added to the product line, (PSICLONE Plasmid Prep) in 1997 and (PSICLONE BAC DNA Kit) in 1999.

High throughput multi-well versions of Princeton Spearations products have recently been introduced (CENTRI·SEP 96 in 1998) or will soon be announced (PCR 96, PLASMID 96)