News | May 8, 2024

CAI Announces, "Impacting Manufacturing Operations Through Quality Risk Management And Contamination Control Strategy" Event For June 10 In Maryland

Source: CAI

Join CAI on Monday, June 10th for an insightful discussion on Impacting Manufacturing Operations through Quality Risk Management and Contamination Control Strategy. Collaborate with industry experts and colleagues. Together we'll dive into how recent regulatory guidance is directly impacting day to day operations and how others are assessing, and implementing their CCS utilizing QRM.

Agenda Highlights 

  • QRM Framework and Overview: Changes in guidance have evolved to modernize QRM standards and practices creating new expectations and new opportunities.
  • Global Perspectives: Gain diverse insights from industry leaders on strategies for achieving and executing QRM as part of your CCS
  • Overcoming Challenges: Share and learn strategies to overcome obstacles and foster a culture of Operational Excellence.
  • Success Stories: Explore real-world examples of companies achieving excellence in operations and readiness.

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Source: CAI