Newsletter | April 18, 2024

04.18.24 -- Bringing Therapies To Patients With Speed And Confidence

Development Of A Novel Cell Culture Medium For AAV Production

Finding the optimal medium is critical to achieving cell growth and AAV titer goals. Here, we describe the development of a novel cell culture medium for AAV production with multiple HEK293 lineages. With this approach, the highest VCD and AAV titers can be achieved without the bottleneck of a non-optimized step in the AAV production process.


Bioprocessing And Scale Up Of HEK293 Cells For AAV Production

To address concerns with traditional viral vector production processes and help usher in a new era of next-generation therapeutics, a scalable, transfection-based solution has been developed. Learn how this solution can dramatically reduce the time to commercial production to help you bring your viral gene therapy to patients with speed and confidence.


Application Of A Sf-Rhabdovirus-Negative Platform For AAV Production

Discover a platform that provides a high performant rhabdovirus-free Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) alternative for the BEVS production of biologics. This platform combines a chemically defined medium with a proven Sf-9-rhabdovirus-negative insect cell line. Explore the performance of this medium for growth and AAV2 production.


Optimizing And Scaling Lentiviral Vector Production

Here, we outline how the upstream and downstream workflows of a platform for lentiviral vectors (LVVs) were optimized using design of experiments and supplementary studies to develop a scalable, robust, and streamlined approach for LVV manufacturing that addresses the needs of cell and gene therapy innovators.



A Transfection-Based Solution With Proven Performance At Scale

If you are developing a life-saving gene therapy and need to manufacture AAV vectors as quickly as possible, a scalable AAV production platform can help bring your therapy to life. Learn in detail about a transfection-based solution that utilizes a suspension-adapted cell line and a process with proven performance at a clinically relevant scale.

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Medium For Producing High AAV Titers In Multiple HEK293 Cell Lines

Discover a chemically defined medium optimized for AAV production in multiple HEK293 lineages that can be used as an amplification and production medium for gene therapy applications. Cell culture media components have been incorporated to increase media stability and reduce protein oxidation, and the formulation is animal component-free.

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