White Paper

Biosafety Considerations For Single-Use Bioreactors

Source: Sartorius Stedim Biotech

By Davy De Wilde, Joerg Weyand, Ute Husemann, Bernward Husemann, and Gerhard Greller


Single-use bioreactors are widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry and are increasingly being used to perform mammalian cell cultures in commercial manufacturing applications. They address some key challenges the industry faces by decreasing time-to-market, reducing validation efforts, increasing flexibility, reducing investment costs, and optimizing cost of goods.

Vaccine manufactures require a high level of flexibility from a bioreactor platform because of the large variety of cell lines they use and the number of different vaccines they produce within one facility. The flexibility offered by single-use bioreactors means that they are becoming the preferred tool for cell culture in the vaccine industry.