News | July 21, 2017

BioPhorum Operations Group Launches Its Technology Roadmap For The Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

The BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG), a cross-industry collaboration, has recently published the first edition of The Technology Roadmap for the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry. By participating in a dynamic technology management process, member organisations are building close technical partnerships, improving the risk-reward profile for new technology development and enabling faster adoption of new technologies.

Current trends in the biopharmaceutical industry, including continued market growth, the arrival of new product groups, cost pressure and the trend toward localized manufacture are exerting unprecedented pressure on biomanufacturers to innovate biomanufacturing platforms. The BPOG Technology Roadmap was created to accelerate the industry's journey by identifying common biomanufacturer needs and sharing them openly with supply partners, academics, regional innovation hubs, regulators and government agencies, to align directions and enable pre-competitive collaboration.

Thirty-one member companies contributed to this first edition, with additional input from leading academics and regional innovation hubs. In total,160 people are now actively involved in the roadmapping process. This first edition sets a broad vision for the future of biomanufacturing that will catalyze industry action.

According to Steve Jones, Director, BPOG: "Collaboration has been the overriding theme in the first edition of the Technology Roadmap. High participation levels during its development demonstrate that the industry will openly share technology strategies. It also shows that biomanufacturers are moving in the same direction, with the same challenges to overcome and a willingness to collaboratively develop solutions that will benefit all stakeholders and ultimately all patients."

Through a process of visualizing the future manufacturing scenarios, six expert teams were tasked with roadmapping the key enabling technologies and capabilities, including: in-line monitoring and real-time release; knowledge management; supply partnership management; process technology; automated facility; modular and mobile.

"Once you have a common goal, in order to reach that goal you can't just wish your way to reaching it. Not all available avenues will lead to success. In order to get there, you need certain enabling technology," Rajesh Beri, Technical Director Research and Technology at Lonza.

The First Edition Technology Roadmap comprises of 8 documents. These include an executive summary, an overview and sections on each of the six enabling technologies and capabilities. The Technology Roadmap documents are available free to everyone and will be updated and published on a regular basis. It is an evolving, dynamic and open process to which BPOG welcomes comments from all industry stakeholders.

To access and download The Technology Roadmap First Edition please visit the BPOG website:

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SOURCE: BioPhorum Operations Group (BPOG)