BioLector® Pro

Source: m2p-labs, Inc.


The Biolector® Pro is the first microbioreactor system combining the proven, scalable BioLector® technology with an innovative microfluidic chip.

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The system is based on microtiter plate formats and operates with non-invasive, optical sensors. The disposable 48 microtiter plate of the Biolector® Pro features online measurements of biomass, fluorescence, pH and DO and at the same time controls pH and feeding rates through micro-valves and micro-channels. These unique microfluidic components realize for the first time continuous feeding and pH control on a microtiter plate format. There is no tubing and no liquid handling needed anymore; everything is part of the gamma radiated ready-to-use plate!


  • Fed-batch development
  • pH profiling
  • Feeding rate optimization
  • Media screening and optimization
  • Fermentation parameter optimization
  • Cell line and strain screening
  • Anaerobic and microaerophilic fermentations
  • Synthetic and systems biology
  • Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE)
  • Growth characterization
  • Protein building kinetics
  • High-throughput protein expression
  • Enzyme and cell activity tests
  • Functional genomic
  • Proteomic studies
  • Inhibition and toxicity tests
  • Quality control

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