News | September 7, 2022

Biofactory Competence Centre Partners With Ovizio To Improve PAT Manufacturing

Source: Ovizio Imaging Systems

Brussels, Belgium – Ovizio Imaging Systems, a manufacturer of cell analyzers for advanced monitoring in the bioprocessing market, and BCC, an organization providing training, research services, and design of infrastructures for biopharmaceutical production, today announced that they will enter into a collaboration to broaden the range of monitoring tools for the bioprocessing industry.

The partnership will enable BCC to capitalize on Ovizio’s patented analyzers for label-free monitoring of bioproduction cell lines. In addition, Ovizio will leverage BCC’s expertise in the bioprocessing industry and process automation technologies to further optimize its monitoring algorithms and software integration with third-party instruments.

Dr. Emilie Viey, Ovizio’s CEO said, “This collaboration with BCC is an excellent opportunity for both of us to offer state-of-the-art training at the neighboring biopharmaceutical companies. We are confident that our joint efforts will ultimately facilitate the emergence of much-improved cGMP production plants with a better understanding of CQAs.

About Ovizio Imaging Systems

Ovizio is an innovative company developing unique analyzers for advanced cell monitoring in bioprocessing applications. Its technology is based on proprietary, patented quantitative phase imaging and has the potential to track a broad range of phenotypic changes in a non-invasive, label-free manner throughout the complete cell culture process.

The analyzers capture images which provide information about physical cell parameters such as diameter, membrane regularity, granularity, and other features. These parameters are then combined through machine learning algorithms into a cell status signature, enabling monitoring of cell Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) such as cell count, density, viability or % of aggregates, and can even track  other phenotypical changes such as cellular response after viral transduction, immune cell activation, etc.

Applicable from R&D through to manufacturing processes and enabling significant cost reductions and quality improvement, Ovizio’s solutions are particularly convenient and robust for automated cell culture monitoring, analysis and quality control.

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About the iLine F PRO

The iLine F PRO is a cGMP analyzer for on-line monitoring of cell status such as cell count and cell viability. Analysis relies on quantitative phase imaging – a type of label-free analysis – for acquisition of cellular parameters.

Data analysis is performed through machine learning algorithms with Ovizio’s proprietary software, OsOne. The software is automation friendly and can be connected to an infinite range of third-party instruments through the OPC-UA protocol. To enable a new level of automation, the iLine F PRO is equipped with a custom-designed, proprietary connection tubing enabling its closed-loop connection with most common bioreactors: benchtop stirred tanks and waves, as well as larger bioreactors.

The iLine F PRO has been tested and approved by many mid- to large-scale biopharmaceutical companies to monitor cell count and viability. Recently, the instrument has gained interest for its ability to track various phenotypes in real time and potentially monitor transduction-induced phenotype alterations for vaccine and viral vector production.

About BCC

The Biofactory Competence Centre (BCC) is a unique, organization based in Fribourg, Switzerland, which provides theoretical and practical training, services and research collaborations and designs infrastructures for biopharmaceutical production. The BCC is a state-of –the-art modular facility of over 480m2 including upstream suites for both mammalian and microbial cell culture, a downstream suite for separation processes, primary recovery, chromatographic and filtration skids, analytical laboratories, cell banking as well as lecture rooms and offices. The facilities are designed to simulate cGMP operating conditions, to provide clients with an understanding of the working conditions in pharmaceutical production environments. All training and services are offered in English, German and French.


Source: Ovizio Imaging Systems