Asahi Static Compression Synthesis (SCS) Columns

Proven design for mid-scale and large-scale solid phase oligosynthesis.

Mid- to large-scale oligosynthesis has moved from legacy mixed bed reactors to more efficient flow-through column formats. Our industry- leading Asahi SCS Column is the ideal choice for fixed bed height applications using swellable supports. Ranging from 10 to 100 cm i.d., Asahi SCS Columns are the “go to” choice to synthesize a multitude of compounds at various scales, including commercial batches.

Active Flow Distribution

CAD-modeled “active” flow distribution generates uniform dispersal of amidites and reagents across the entire column surface, even for columns packed with short bed heights, resulting in maximum coupling efficiency.

Ideal for Swellable Solid Supports

The Asahi SCS Column offers versatility to perform manual bed height adjustments between 2 and 15 cm while leaving a user-defined gap between the support surface and the top plate frit to accommodate support swelling and prevent pressure spikes during synthesis.

SCS Ergo and SCS Lift Options

The Asahi SCS Column is now available with the convenient SCS Ergo stand for ergonomic 180º rotation, and a portable SCS Lift mounted on a specially designed A-frame to assist with removal of the top and bottom plates.