Asahi Compression Synthesis Columns


Proven design for mid-scale and large-scale solid phase oligosynthesis.

Asahi ACS Column™

The Asahi ACS Column is ideal for rigid solid supports that don’t swell. This flow-through synthesis column offers “hoist-free” operation for easy frit removal and simplified column packing and unpacking via axial compression with an integrated piston. The piston is always in contact with the packed solid support without a gap.

Asahi SCS Column™

Mid- to large-scale oligosynthesis has moved from legacy mixed bed reactors to more efficient flow-through column formats. Our industry-leading Asahi SCS Column is the ideal choice for fixed bed height applications using swellable supports. Ranging from 10 to 100 cm i.d., Asahi SCS Columns have synthesized multiple compounds at various scales, including commercial batches.