ARC Sensors: Integrate Into Process Control Systems

Source: Hamilton Company

ARC Sensors are the complete solution: innovative premium quality sensors with a robust, direct, and standard interface to the PLC. Hamilton ARC Sensors send a 4-20 mA signal directly to an analog process control system while delivering at the same time the power of digital sensor management.

With the transmitter integrated, and using open industry standards, Arc sensors offer fully compensated, backwards compatible measurement signals that integrate directly into new or existing process control systems. The Arc µ-transmitter located in the sensor head stores all relevant sensor data, including calibration and diagnostic information, and is accessible through a variety of tools. Arc communicates through open industry standards.

  • Eliminate the transmitter and get more reliable readings
  • Wireless communication saves time without compromising quality
  • Digital signal communication –Intelligence built into every Arc sensor

The ARC Sensor's built-in electronics convert the low amperage measurement signal and enables several unique sensor functions. Apart from the direct analog connectivity, ARC Sensors offer a digital connection that delivers superior data integrity, increased productivity and longer life cycles. ARC Sensors are far less prone to interruption in challenging production environments than classical sensors.