Eliminate Natural Killer Activity In Cells: Anti Asialo GM1 (Rabbit)

Source: Wako Laboratory Chemicals


Anti Asialo GM1 antiserum has been shown to eliminate natural killer (NK) activity in cells of various strains of mice and rats.

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The Anti Asialo GM1 antiserum reacts with mouse and rat NK cells; mouse monocytes (liver cells which contain no NK cells; bone marrow; fetal liver cells; spleen cells of nude mice macrophages); fetal thymocytes (12 days old; ratio of existence decreased gradually until there were none in newborn mice).

Purified asialo GM1 from bovine brain tissue was repeatedly immunized with methylated bovine serum albumin and with complete Freund’s adjuvant. Gammaglobulin fraction of serum was obtained by 50% ammonium sulfate precipitation methods followed by dialyzing with phosphate buffered saline. Distilled water is recommended (1mL). Since the material is lyophilized with salts, used of  other solvents such as PBS or MEM may increase the salt concentration.

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