Download | January 5, 2004

"All About Fittings" Guide from Upchurch Scientific

Source: IDEX Health & Science
Preface by Dr. John Dolan of LC/GC Magazine
Author: John Batts

Fittings and tubing comprise a vital, but often ignored portion of the HPLC system. At first glance, the inexperienced eye sees little or no difference between fittings styles and brands. Although these components are not particularly complicated, a solid understanding of their application and use is essential to avoid certain HPLC problems.

As I reviewed the manuscript for this booklet, I realized that I have never seen as simple and straightforward an explanation of the function and use of HPLC fittings. The conversational style makes all about FITTINGS read like a novel, yet transmit accurate technical details. The addition of cartoon characters helps to draw the reader's attention to the core concepts. A couple of hours of reading will reward one with a solid understanding of how HPLC fittings work and when to use different fitting products.

Finally, although Upchurch Scientific has been an innovator in HPLC fitting design and is one of the top suppliers of fittings, the information contained here is not a blatant (or even thinly veiled) advertisement for Upchurch products. Rather, this is a truly educational resource that will remain a part of my technical library.