AGCellerate For mAbs: Delivering Monoclonal Antibodies In 11 Months Via New CDMO Program

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AGC Biologics has released a new program designed to deliver effective IND-ready GMP material for biopharmaceutical developers. AGCellerate offers guaranteed amounts at fixed timelines and costs –accelerating projects through development and into clinical phases.

AGCellerate for mAbs

The AGCellerate mAb program offers 1.0 KG of clinical ready drug substance in 11 months. This delivers the quantity needed, in a fast timeline and at a fixed price to support strategic early phase goals, helping developers reach the clinic as quickly as possible.

AGCellerate for mAbs is supported by AGC Biologics’ proprietary Chef-1™ platform, an FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) approved cell line used in four commercial products and 54 molecules at various stages of clinical development.

Drawing on 30 years of scientific expertise, the AGCellerate program offers a templated approach to maximize speed and product deliverables. It is backed by AGC Biologics' quality services committed to producing GMP compliant biopharmaceuticals, and a global supply chain network to help projects start quickly and remain on time.

To access more details about AGCellerate and how it can accelerate projects from bench to clinic, click here.