AAV cGMP Manufacturing Located In San Sebastian, Spain

Source: Viralgen

Viralgen's AAV manufacturing services are powered by the advanced Pro10™ platform, which has produced over 1000 successful batches of high-quality vectors crucial for gene therapy research.

By adhering to the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards, Viralgen ensures quality and compliance in its AAV production. The cutting-edge technology of the Pro10™ platform facilitates efficient and scalable AAV manufacturing under stringent cGMP regulations, allowing the generation of high-quality AAV vectors that are essential in gene therapy research and applications.

As a leading CDMO, Viralgen's proficiency in AAV manufacturing plays a crucial role in advancing gene therapy. AAV vectors are instrumental in delivering therapeutic genes to target cells, and with advanced manufacturing capabilities, Viralgen meets the growing demand for AAVs in gene therapy, biotechnology, and allied sectors. The company's expertise and technology not only support the development of viral vector-based therapies but also contribute significantly to enhancing human health.